Keep your citizens and your infrastructure protected.

Security is about preperation

It's not a question of if, it's a question of when. Let us help you prepare for the inevitable


You can only protect what you can identify. We will help you identify all of the assests on your network so you know what you have and what you need to protect. This will also allow us to identify any trust boundaries and minimize exposure through unsecured boundaries.

Assess Risk

Once we've identified what's in your infrastructure and what needs to be protected, we'll assess what risks exist and the impact in the event of a loss or comprimise.


Based on our risk assessment we will enact the appropriate controls to bring your risk down to an acceptable level.


Once your infrastructure has been secured and your risk mitigated, we will address the greatest weakness in your security, your people. Our training programs are tailored to each role in your organization. This provides the greatest return on your training investment, no time will be wasted on concepts that don't pertain directly to your team members potential impact your your security posture.

Cyber Security Professionals Focused on Public Trust

Here at munisec we understand public service. We are commited to ensuring all communities are protected from the myriad of cyber threats found in today’s world.

Certifiably Secure

Combining frameworks published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology with the specific requirements of your certifying organization, we will not only get you secure but also compliant!

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